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Founded in Zurich in 2021, MOOS STUDIO celebrates the spirit of the contemporary woman. Championing classic silhouettes elevated by modern touches, MOOS STUDIO garments are defined by a devoted attention to detail, immaculate tailoring, and luxurious and livelong fabrics. MOOS STUDIO finds inspiration in nature, art, and film and makes it tangible through a deeply-rooted passion for design. Every stitch represents a testament to romanticism and has the purpose of exuding a tender and authentic flair. At the heart of the brand lies the dedication to creating fashion that not only captivates with its timeless elegance but also reflects a profound commitment to the planet and its people. The journey of every garment begins with the careful selection of the finest fabrics that marry luxury with sustainability. All materials sourced meet the highest standards of quality and adhere to ethical and environmentally conscious production methods. MOOS STUDIO prides itself with the committed of maintaining a transparent supply chain and fostering fair labour conditions. The brand collaborates with independent producers all over Europe which meet high standards of quality and excellence, making the dream of expressing femininity through craft possible.  The contemporary woman is always on my mind. What she wears, how she walks, talks, laughs, what makes her happy, what are her ambitions, who she is and who she is going to be in five, ten, twenty years from now. We design with a clear purpose: to seduce the modern woman and create clothes she truly loves and will continue to do so all her lifetime. - Simona Naciadis, MOOS STUDIO founder and creative director